Bridge Project Experience

Pegasus Phase I, Dallas District:

On for eleven (11) bridges. The bridge types are steel trapezoidal box /I shape beams, and TX girder/U prestressed concrete beams. Design bridge layout sheets for 30% and bridge layout submittal to TxDOT. Finalized 30% plan sheets for Horseshoe design-build proposal. The project consisted of a four level interchange between IH 30 & IH 35.

SH 121:

NTTA - Widening of Custer Road and Rowlett Creek bridges.

TxDOT - The project is between Dallas North Tollway and Custer Road consisting of four (4) frontage road bridges at Northwest/Northeast Tributary of Young's Branch Creek and NBML Preston Road Exit Ramp.

SH 161, Dallas District:

Designed the bridges and retaining walls and reviewed final plans. Work includes analyzing the abutments, bents, foundation, bridge deck, and beams. The project consisted of five bridges and several cast-in-place retaining walls.

Hampton Road at Trinity River, Dallas, Texas:

Responsible for designing the abutments, bents, slab deck, beams, and foundation of the concrete/steel bridge. The project was a 2-lane road upgraded to a 6-lane road with a 3,840 ft. bridge over the Trinity River.

IH 35 at US 380, Denton, Dallas District:

Design of a steel bridge with a special breakback abutment backwall to accommodate 1” open joint slab. This project was a 4-lane highway upgraded to an 8-lane highway with a 4-span 296 ft. steel bridge.

SH 183 Interchange (Phase II), Irving, Texas:

Assisted and reviewed the design of the second half of a four-level direction connection interchange. Project consisted of the construction of direct connections between SH 161 & SH 183, and SH 161 mainlanes across SH 183 continuing south for 1 mile. Work also included 4 retaining walls, 5 bridges, adding an auxiliary lane to the SH 183 mainlanes, reconstruction of part of 2-lane frontage roads, and urban drainage system.